Weekend Haby Delights

  1. Sew like my Mom's bowling pattern pdf
  2. Floral gauze cotton from Cottonholic
  3. Knitting bowl for yarn from Lenny Mud
  4. One dozen wooden spools from Regina's Studio
  5. 5mm piping available from Avenue 55
  6. Vintage string and stuff from All Things White
  7. Create your own pincushion with this base from Lorna Bateman
  8. Lime green vintage toggle buttons availabke from Add Vintage


Anonymous said...

I was just telling hubby about a knitting bag that I saw recently on Kootoyoo..as fab as this yarn bowl. Love the wooden spools and that bowling pins would make a perfect gift :)


Tiff said...

I am in love with the fabric bowls, they would make a great kids gift! Thanks! X