Not your average day of sewing!

I'm helping out sewing some costumes for my daughters school J-Rock production.
I've only worked with Lycra a couple of times and now I remember why I steer clear of it!
Anyways, the girls had a blast trying them on and busting some moves. I thought I would have to bribe them into trying a couple on for the camera - but they couldn't get them on quick enough!


Jenerators said...

curious to know why you dislike sewing with lycra? I love using it (with the overlocker, anyway).

Jodie said...

Jen I think it's the combination of the slippery-ness & stretch of the fabric, no matter how many pins you use the fabric moves. I was needing to line up the a centre seam on the hood to the body and I was such a pain! It was also quite heavy and was pulling away from the needle plate.
But I do agree that overlocking is the best option. I won't be trying to make any bathers or leotards anytime soon though!