How to make sewn gift tags & notebooks

To complete the tea towel gifts I made for some girlfriends, I whipped up some cute notebooks & gift tags to match.

These honestly only took minutes to make and you only need a couple of materials.
  • Fabric scraps & interfacing
  • Card Stock
  • Plain white paper
  • Threaded sewing machine
Gift Tags

  • Back your fabric with some interfacing, draw then cut out your shapes.  The interfacing will help when sewing the shapes to the card.
  • Set you machine to a straight stitch and sew to a piece of card stock. Slowly is the key here.  Leave a small margin from the edge.
  • Cut around the fabric shape leaving a little margin on the card.
  • Punch a hole and add some ribbon for tying.
  • The back side needs to be neat as this is where your message will go.

  • Your notebook can be any size you wish to make it.  I cut A4 in half and then folded it in half again.
  • The outer layer will be card stock, the inner pages normal copy paper but again you could use anything.
  • Make your card stock outer layer a little larger than the inner pages.
  • About 5 inner sheets folded in half (to make 10) is the perfect thickness to sew.
  • Start with sewing on your applique to one half side of the card stock exactly the same as for the gift tags.
  • Make a fold so you have a line to follow while sewing the paper and outer card cover together.
  • Use the end threads to tie off into a knot.
  • I used a walking foot but you don't need to.


Jane said...

Oh, Jodie! These are just divine. I can't wait until life has settled down for me, I've bought a sewing machine, read your downloaded e-course and can try these out! J x

Anonymous said...

These will be perfect for a baby shower I am planning.
I made some teatowels the other day and was so impressed with them that I have included two in a giveaway...thanks for the continued inspiration.


Megsy-Jane said...

oh those are just gorgeous, delicious and scrumptious! I can't which word describes your gifts most Jodie but I do know you have some very lucky girlfriends!

Tiff said...

These are fantastic! Thanks for another great idea! X

Wendy said...


Just found your blog how amazing you are at making anything!!! I'm just new to blogging and would love for you come over and join my sisterhood
and say hello, I glad I have a friend here. I'll come back and visit often and see what your making.

Always Wendy

whiterabbit said...

Another great idea! Can't wait to try these out! xx