Making myself accountable

It’s my sister-in-laws 40th this Saturday and instead of buying a new outfit, I’m making one!

So what you say!  Many times I’ve started something but then got busy with life, as you do and it gets shoved to the side, never to be completed. This time I’m putting it out there so I HAVE TO finish it.

The Master Plan:

A Skirt: To make the Gelato Skirt from the Make it Perfect pattern book. Instead of contrasting fabrics I’m using a grey suiting fabric but I plan on adding a topstitch alongside the panel seams in a contrasting thread.

The Top: Using the Make it Perfect Kaftan pattern as my base but I plan on making the next size up so it’s a little sloppy joe like (so I can wear a long sleeved tee underneath). Will add the front placket like I did here the other day and I really want to add shirring to the bottom edge of the top so it brings it in at the hips plus to the sleeve edges but the fabric is knit which is a little harder to do. I may yet just add a waist band that sits on the hips.

So the promise to you is this: On Friday – and I’m not setting a time so it could be midnight, I will prepare a blog post showing the finished garments. Whether or not I then need to run down to ‘Fountain Lakes’ to grab something off the shelves doesn’t matter, I just need to finish a sewing project for once!


Megsy-Jane said...

good for you Jodie! Know exactly where you are coming from ;-) Can't wait to see the finished product :-)

Amy @ Flowerflame said...

Giving yourself a deadline is a great idea! Can't wait to see it all finished. :)

Lyndel said...

X thats a big fingers crossed for you that it all goes smoothly and looks fantastic on Friday!

Patchwork and Play said...

Good on you! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan! Look forward to seeing the finished garments!