How to make cute fridge magnets

This is a great, quick and easy tutorial if you are feeling a little crafty over the weekend.
I'm guessing that our fridge is like that of most other families - covered in weekend sporting fixtures, bills, party invitations, artwork and shopping lists!
However mine are held there in place with the dodgeyest magnets ever! Today I’m about to change that.  A few weeks back I showed you how I loved these push pins and have used them as inspiration for my magnets.
You will need some scrap fabric, magnets & yo-yo maker (both available in the HG store) or you can make yo-yo's using this tutorial.

The only thing different is, when you are sewing on your yo-yo's button, take the thread through to the bottom and back through again. This is so the yo-yo stays together a little more.
Add loads of glue - you won't see it
Squish it onto the back of the yo-yo and allow to dry. 

Now that's better!
Have a wonderful weekend - don't forget to look out for The Weekend Haby Delights posted tomorrow.


Tiff said...

Being addicted to making yoyo flowers, as well as other kinds of flowers (thanks to some great gadgets from your store) I am VERY excited to find another use for them! I see some great family gifts coming up!!!! X

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate need of some pretty fridge magnets and this is something my kids would enjoying making :)