More than one way to yo-yo

One of the quickest ways to enhance a project is to add a yo-yo.
There are a couple of ways to make yo-yo's, both are easy & take no time at all.

When cutting your fabric circles the main thing to remember is the finished yo-yo will be approximately half the size.
If you are wanting a more closed circle on your finished yo-yo then make your stitching around the outside larger.  Stitches that are closer together will give a wider hole.
Once you have finished your stitching (about 1/4" in from the edge), press down a seam with your fingers so the fabric edges fold under nicely and are not shown.
Flattened out your yo-yo, add a button or leave as is.
A plus of not using a gadget is they can be any size.

Using a Yo-Yo making gadget was a breeze. 
The biggest plus here is the stitching around the outside is even and gives a much nicer finish.
They come in a good range of sizes & also different shapes.
The Haby Goddess online store stocks round, butterfly, heart & flower shaped templates. 

Both ways will give you great looking yo-yo's. 


m.e (Cathie) said...

ooh, I like that!
thanks for sharing ♥

Tiff said...

I wondered if you could do these without a gadget.... mind you I love a gadget... these are just great thought, such fun 3D addition to any project! I'm going to give them a go! X

jessie said...

hi just wondering I have seen alot of fabric yoyo's sew onto childrens clothing for example singlets - just wondering how to get the yoyo's to hold their shape on an item that will be washed often. Thanks x

Jodie said...

Hi Jessie,
Yo-Yo's are like any embellishments really, it will depend on how well they are made and then sewn on. As the shape is created by pulling the centre thread, if this is secure and sewn well, the shape should hold quite good. Newish front loading machines are very gentle or even pop it into a wash bag if you are not sure.
Hope that helps :)