5 ways to add a little craft to your day

We tend to wait until that rainy Sunday afternoon to slot a crafting session in, but there are lots of ways to slip some crafting moments into your day without having to re-arrange your diary.
Image from Dreamy Whites
Who doesn't love fresh flowers.  Grab some jars or vases and arranging a handpicked bunch of flowers from your garden or local store.  Add some ribbon or twine around the jars and this gorgeous project will be done in no time!

Image from Decor8
Take an extra 5 - 10 minutes on the weekend to set the table.  We all have cupboards full of beautiful crockery that just sits there most of the year - GET IT OUT! Add a pressed, crisp tablecloth & folded napkins for an extra touch.

Image from
My girls love it when I surprise them with a note or cute packaging in their lunch boxes.  It can be as simple as a rubber stamp or a hand written note on a brown paper bag. I love this simple idea of wrapping the treats, perfect if catching up with friends or family.

 Image from Poppies for Grace

When was the last time you wrote a letter? My parents have moved to Brisbane from Melbourne and even though we have Skype, emails, phone, texts etc, it is still so lovely when we receive a hand written letter.  Can you imagine the buzz you would give a friend by sending a hand written note?

Do you catch public transport to work, sit in the cold or in the car while the kids are at sports practise? This is the prefect time to work on a few rows of that winter throw rug you're knitting or finish off the embroidery project that's been sitting idle until you find the time to complete it.


Maryanne said...

Hi Jodie,
Thanks for this great list. I am currently struggling to find the time in my day to do crafty things. I try to get around this in two ways - either working on tiny projects or very large ones. I have often thought for a long time about the tiny ones before I start them and aim to complete the whole project in under an hour. The larger projects I try and leave around the house and grab 10 minutes when I can to do a little hand sewing or some knitting. Not much is getting finished this way! However it does mean that is rare that a day goes by when I haven't had some fun sewing something.

Anonymous said...

These images certainly do inspire creativity :)
Flowers are a must have in my grocery shop, as it setting a lovely table when friends are dining with us....I'm going to try your other suggestions too.


Tiff said...

I love those images Jodi! The wrapped treats are such a sweet idea, I have some printed vellum that would be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration! x