Sourcing Fabric

A question I received from Andrea on The Haby Goddess Facebook page was "where do all those talented people at markets source their fabrics and patterns". It is also one that I received many times over as a market stall holder with my Poss Bloss business so now I'm going to share with you the links to where you too can purchase these gorgeous fabrics.

Australian online stores, I believe, stock a far better mix of Australian, Japanese & US designers than overseas stores.

1. Kelani Fabric 2. Amitie Textiles 3. Duckcloth  4. I Just love That Fabric (for oilcloth & blackboard cloth)  & 5. Funky Fabrix

There are hundred's of online fabric sellers in the US (including Etsy) and with our aussie dollar so high, purchasing overseas has never been more attractive. I received a comment the other day from an Etsy seller who said she was "constantly amazed at how many orders I receive from Australia, you guys are sewing queens!" So here are just two of the many that I personally use and recommend.


If you are a registered business with an ABN and happy to purchase full bolts of fabric then try these distributors. Many fabrics you need to pre-order months ahead of delivery so you need to be organised. Bolts of fabric are heavy and can be costly to freight.  You need to do your sums and work out if it's really work it.

Charles Parsons - Melbourne based, includes designers such as Alexander Henry
Mac Crafts - Located in Sydney and stock Michael Miller (including Paula Prass) 
Caprice supply spotlight with many of the basic & homewares fabric

If you are needing large volumes then you have the option of going directly to the US or Japanese wholesaler/distributor/manufacturer.

I've only personally dealt with Michael Millers international wholesale section and they were extremely helpful and efficient.  I didn't proceed at the time as the Australian dollar was extremely low so with freight, GST etc, it didn't seem as worthwhile as it would now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jodie for sharing your resources with us all. I will certainly be busy now deciding which beautiful fabric to purchase next. Kindest regards Andrea.

Ps I received my Haby surprise parcel today and I am so happy and excited about my new products. Feels like Christmas.

whiterabbit said...

Another vote for Hawthorn Threads - they are really helpful and deliver quickly. You could also try Brisbane duo Voodoo Rabbit for something a bit different:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Jodie...I was only talking to a friend this morning about where she sources her fabric from and she mentioned Hawthorne.

trudi@maudeandme said...

Thanks, thats very helpful

Bernice said...

Thanks for sharing these resources! I was actually just wondering that exact thing myself today... glad to have found the answer so quickly!

Maree said...

I have also used The Oz Material Girls in Australia and Allegro Fabrics in the USA several times. I have had very positive experiences from both.