The Secret Life of Thimbles

I started a discussion on Facebook & Twitter last week about Thimbles.  Over the years I’ve seemed to have collected many of those large bulky metal thimbles which I never used, so I asked the question, “Does anyone actually use a thimble?” And it seems they do!
Hand sewing, especially when using thicker fabrics seems to be what they are used for. 

After a little investigating, I’ve found that there are so many different types of thimbles available. 

Kate from Two Little Banshees, introduced me to these nifty 'fingertip shields' that stick to the tip of your fingers.  Now I could work with these!

Punch with Judy has a selection of 3 different thimbles. A leather one from Clover, a set of goatskin thimbles plus a  leather ring thimbles

And then you have your more ornamental types that are more for collecting than using.
R Parish Woodwork's acrylic resin thimble in red and orange colors.
Timber Matryoshka thimbles from
Polymer Clay covered thimble from Zuleykha

And I just had to throw this one in!
A Royal Thimble celebrating the Wedding Day of Prince William & Princess Catherine coming out of Westminster Abbey available from Thimblemaluca

What type of thimble do you use?


trudi@maudeandme said...

I think I need the finger tip ones. Can't wear the other sort, but need something!

Megsy-Jane said...

The only one I could ever use was a little plastic half thimble for the thumb. The ring band went around the top of the thumb and the underneath was protected by a kind of shield,just on the pad of the finger. I could still really move my thumb then but still be covered. I never could manage those metal or porcelain thimbles though...

Lyndel said...

for embroidery a metal thimble, for sewing up Knitted garments, I used to have one of those plastic 'ring' type ones with a little bit of leather in it..mmmm... wonder where that is now? have not seen it for years!

Vanilla said...

I just discovered the thimble tips a while ago and they work fine for me. The other ones feel like alien bodies on my fingers... he he