Mother's Day Idea: Make a pincushion jar.

Many years ago, my brother made mum a pincushion at school for Mother's Day out of a plastic Fabulon lid, some polyfill, a piece of fabric, all tied together with a piece of elastic.  Mum used it for years & years and may even still. 

While it was practical & did the job perfectly, I'm going to show you how to make something a little cuter but just as easy!

You will need:
  • A glass jar with lid - I paid $6.95 at my local home wares store but you are likely to pick them up at an op shop.
  • Fill - I only use Innergreen Eco-Fill  
  • Craft Glue suitable for metal & fabric
  • Fabric, trims, needle & thread

Jar lid was about 7cm wide, doily diameter was 18cm.
Take a needle & thread and do a basting stitch around the edge of your fabric.

Gently pull until fabric is evenly gathered.

Add fill, making sure it is firm and makes a nice dome shape.

Pull thread tighter to close hole and finish off to secure.

Cover your lid generously with glue and add cushion.  Hold down for a minute or so. Add more glue to the edge of the cushion.

Add any fabric, ribbons, lace and trim back to the lids edge.
Fill with buttons, trims, cottons, anything!

6 comments: said...

That is super sweet.

trudi@maudeandme said...

What a great idea. I think I would fill my jar with safety pins!

Tiff said...

I LOVE this idea Jodie! I am definately making one... for myself! I haven't had time to check out your weekend links yet.. I am off for a peek right now! Have a great week! X

Megan said...

I have one of these...not so fantastically made either...I can't use the jar lol so maybe it's time I 'upgraded' haby goddess style! Thanks Jodie for another cute and interesting tutorial!

Kelly Rachel said...

Lovely! I have a few empty jars waiting for something sweet like this! Thank you for the tute.

Becky said...

I love this! I just spent the last 30 minutes poking around your blog. Lots of projects got "Pinned" :)