Comparison: Bought vs. Handmade ~ Cosmetic Zip Purse

I thought I would start a little series comparing the price of buying a ready made commercial item against making it yourself.

There are always so many variables to consider so this is just a fun, not too serious look at a few basic items that could easily be made at home.  Sometimes it actually works out cheaper to buy an item from a large retail store but it usually doesn't carry the love, ethical value or quality of handmade.
Ok, so today's product is a lovely Lovell's canvas cosmetic purse from the drool worthy Anthropologie online store.

Now for the DIY comparison....

  •  Caroline & Maryanne from the Sew Together blog give a free detailed tutorial on drafting a pattern & making the flat bottomed cosmetic purse.
  •  Choose from a gorgeous selection of canvas fabrics.  I've selected Bebe Tint Grey from Tessuti Fabrics $9.00 AUD per 1/4 metre. 
  • Organic Cotton Oasis Canvas Fabric for the insert available from The Tin Thimble. $6.50 (USD) for 3/4 yard
  • Allow a couple of dollars for a metal zipper in your choice of colour. Those pictured are from Silvermint Supplies
  • Plus some basic supplies such as thread from your sewing drawer.
  • A small amount of grosgrain ribbon. White & blacked stitched from Ribbons Galore. Less than $1 per metre.
So, all your materials are under $20. But you will need to allow for postage if purchasing online and this will depend on location too.

The result: you should get a very similar, quality product without the high price tag.


Maryanne said...

Hi Jodie,
We feel very honoured to have our purse compared to an Anthropologie one!
It's interesting to compare the costs of purchased versus made.
I think another really important thing to consider in making gifts is the pleasure you get from making a hand made gift and the thrill (most!) people get when they know you have made it especially for them.
Our Mum puts a label on all the quilts she makes for gifts that says - "Every Stitch Made With Love" and I can really relate to that!
PS Our tutorial says cut through your zip. Only try to do this with a plastic ones. You will wreck the zip and your scissors if you try to use this technique with a metal one!

Jodie said...

Thank you for your comments Maryanne. I love your tutorial as it's so detailed.

Yes I agree that the pleasure of making an item far outweighs purchasing one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie, I belong to a lovely craft group and each Christmas we make each other gifts. One Christmas I made every lady in the group a little purse each and they were all gratefully received. Each lady uses it for a different purpose and each time I see one appear, the owner always comments on how much it means to them and how they always think of me. A commercial purse would not return that love and gratitude to me. It was well worth the time and effort.

Linda said...

Oh Jodie i was waiting for you to make one. i havent sewn in a zip since high school but yes i love home made and will have to give this a go, thanks for the links.