Sewing Basics : Clipping your corners & curves

I can't stress enough, that if you want a professional finish to your sewing projects then you must clip your corners & curves. This will give the seam allowance room to adjust and sit flat.  If you don't then it will pucker.
Here are examples for how to sew & clip corners and curves. 
For the inward & outward curves, use v-notches and clip close to the seam but be very careful not to clip the stitching. Something so simple will make such as difference.


Inward Curves

Outward Curves


Tammi said...

These are great tips...I was sewing for a while before I learnt the importance of clipping corners and curves and what a difference it makes :)

Tania said...


Great blog and love all the little hints and tips.....all my sewing to self taught....and these are a great help...any chance on tips on sewing in zippers....never seems to get it looking right.....