It's a doily-fest!

I have never used linen embroidered doilies in my sewing as I really didn't know what to do with them. Yesterday I took them all for a visit to Cintia from My Poppet who is an expert on all things vintage, to give me some inspiration.
A great piece of advice Cintia gave me was to stop treating them as a doily but as a piece of fabric instead.

While ironing them all today, my head was swimming with ideas.  This months newsletter (due out next week) will be a doily-fest ~ mostly of the linen kind. It will include an exclusive tutorial for using doilies within your sewing and a doily pack giveaway. 
So if you are not a subscriber, make sure you sign up in the box to the right. 

In the meantime, here are some great examples of how doilies can be used.


Patchwork and Play said...

I've used a piece of doiley in a mug rug and another as the centre square in a nine patch pillow. I like their vintage look!

Megsy-Jane said...

Looking forward to it Jodie! I love doilies - I put them under all my 'pretty' will be great to see how to incorporate them in sewing!

Tiff said...

Oh I can't wait! I LOVE these embroidered doilies and have a stack of them...ready to cut up and sew onto, sew into or sew around something! x

Anonymous said...

I love doilies and have been collecting them for a few years now...just waiting for some inspiration so I can use them

Jodie said...

I Like your blog a lot. I found it through a google search on embroidered doilies. I blogged about my growing collection recently and as a result a friend of my Mum's donated her family heirlooms to me.

Marie said...

FYI, i find many doilies and hand embroidered items, and other items for my stash at shopgoodwill dot com. The items generally need washing, but in good shape. Especially if using as "fabric" Warning -- this site is addictive. It is an auction setup.

Thanks for the inspiration. I enjoy following your blog.