Zippers aren't just for slacks!

Zippers aren't just used as a fastener for holding your pants up!  Even though a couple images have been Photoshopped by the creators, they are still lots of fun.

  A dress made from zips by Brazilian company Sancris Hilos y Cierres. Image from here.
Zipper Nail Art from  Finland’s Laura Sofia Koski. Image from here
A 'distressed' vintage button and zipper slide necklace by Amalia Versaci
A Photoshopped railroad as seen here
Wall Art as part of Tokyo's official "Street Art Programme". Image from Flickr

The best collection of zipper art would be this post on Web Urbanist

Woolly Fabulous on Etsy offers a continous 6ft length of zipper which is perfect for making zip crafts such as brooches.

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