A handy way to join bias strips

There really is no way around it - making your own bias is fiddly especially when joining your pieces to make it continous!  So when I see an idea to make my life a little easier I jump at the chance to try it. I read a blog post on the Colette Patterns website showing a nifty tutorial how to do it. 

It basically shows you how to make your fabric into a tube where you the seams are sewn before you cut it into strips. This probably wasn't the best fabric to use as the pattern didn't match up in the seam joins. It definitely did work and made most of the joins neat & tidy.  I think it would become quicker the more you practiced and understood the process.

While making your own bias binding is a little time consuming the end result makes it all worth while.  


cate said...

there is a fantastic tutorial at prudent baby on doing just this - and if you can get the simplicity bias tape maker in stock, I will love you forever! No one in America will ship to Australia!

Anonymous said...

cate, I purchased a simplicity bias tape maker from ebay last week.

Anonymous said...

I have just started making my own bias and while fiddly I love that I can use a wide variety of fabric.

Your blog is always my 'come to' when I need to know something :)

Tiff said...

My Nanna taught me to make bias the old fashion way. This is a time saver! I just love it! Another great haby secret! Thanks! X

Anonymous said...

Hi All!
I know this is an old post, but there is an even quicker way... if you google 'bitterpurl continuous bias'.... it's virtually the same, only no matching up numbers, and using a rotary cutter for the majority of cutting. It's so clever, and I never use another way anymore.... a gazillion yards in under an hour.

Hope this is a time saver for everyone.