Weekend Haby Delights

  1. PDF Sewing Pattern Contrast Tied Cushion Cover from Lily Blossom
  2. Dragster Dominoes fabric by Curly Pops
  3. Felt packs from Heather Bailey
  4. Crochet Turtle Appliques by Q Spring
  5. Star of Supplies has these  Fabric Covered Buttons in Vintage Embroidered Cotton Ticking Skinny, stretch elastic headbands with no metal available from Threddies
  6. Scissors & Pins bias tape from Cat Taylor
  7. Sewing Bits & Pieces Book - 35 projects from Sandi Henderson using scrap pieces of fabric


koralee said...

Loving everything...happy weekend.

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow! Thanks for featuring my fabrics Jodie.
Funny story - I was cleaning out some of my storage containers yesterday and I found a Poss Bloss bib that I bought from you about 10 years ago at the Flemington Market when my eldest nephew was a bubba. I must have put it away and forgotten about it. Whoops!

Jodie said...

It's a pleasure to feature your fabric Cam - it's a great design!

I do things like that too. I'm a little scared to ask what fabric design I used for the bib, fabric designs have certainly evolved with Poss Bloss since then LOL!!!

Lilly*Blossom said...

Thanks for including my PDF cushion cover pattern, it looks so pretty alongside the other items. love your blog!

Tiff said...

What a fantastic selection of items! You are so good at finding such wonderful things! I always look forward to your weekend haby delights! X