Some Embroidery Love from Madeit

A piece of hand sewn embroidery can turn something 'plain' to something 'awesome' without much effort at all.  Here's a treasury from Madeit showing you how some very clever Aussies have used this technique. If you're now inspired, check out the embroidery supplies available in The Haby Goddess online store.

  1. Girls Bermudas with embroidered detail from Little Star Clothing
  2. One off embroidery brooch by Enid Twiglet
  3. Lyrebird Embroidery Panel from Kate Ward
  4. Candy Pink embroidered brooch from Edward & Lily
  5. An embroidered cushion by Forever Sturt St
  6. Little Ray has an embroidered dress
  7. Personalised pencil roll from Imagination in Flight
  8. A mixed media piece which includes embroidery from Smiley Sunday Studio

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Pure gorgeousness! How do you keep finding these gems?! X