Organisation, Alex & some one on one

Our weekends are always a bit hectic with both my girls playing competitive sport but I did find some time to potter around my office and organise the crazy week ahead.  I'm feeling in control and ready to go.  Here's a peek at what's planned for my week.

Tomorrow's tutorial blog post

Finishing off the last art smock order for my local school as I continue to wind my Poss Bloss business down.  The school has been a wonderful supporter of my business over the years and I will miss this part of our association (but I can't wait to spend more time over here!)

I'll continue to work on a new Haby Goddess product which is being launched next Monday.  The newsletter also due out next Monday, will see one lucky subscriber win one.

This is Alex - the poking stick!!! Miss 8 made it from an empty fabric roll, scraps & a vintage doll face that was lying around.  It was created to poke Miss 8's big sister.  I will be having words to Alex today to make sure she is going to behave herself or it's destination skip!

After many attempts to self learn crochet from online tutorials & YouTube video's, I admit defeat.  I'm off for some one on one at the Gembrook craft group this morning.  Hopefully I'll come back with something worthy of showing off.

Hope you have a wonderfully crafty week planned.

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Megsy-Jane said...

Looking forward to it all Jodie!
I have been trying to crochet off and on too - everything else just gets me too busy and by the time I get back to 'learning' I have to pull out the sheet of paper with all the stitch definitions and instructions again. I really should make a time to be more devoted....I always like to jump in the deep end however with anything new and try the hardest thing first (not proud of it either :-) )...I can see this happening with crochet...