Mission Aborted!

Today I did something I never normally do - I aborted a project half way through.

Here's the story.....
Beth has started year 7 at a new school this year and as a result has made lots of new friends, some of which are very creative. Beth comes home and produces the above pair of shorts (image is hers) and explains that she wants them made into a pencil case.  It's to be lined with a zipper, have ribbons through the belt & appliques sewn all over the front panels.

Ok....it's seems like a cute enough & doable project so I gather my things & set to work.

Problem 1: Denim shorts have a lot of thick seams that you need to sew through. It's tough work on your machine - don't even bother getting the overlocker out.
Problem 2: After denim has been worn a number of times it stretches so the crotch area didn't sit flat or even.
Problem 3: I don't do zips very well at the best of times - inserting a zip into a thick denim waist with a lining was way beyond me!
Problem 4: When I cut & sewed the bottom closed it all puckered due to problem 2.

It was really trying my patience and I could see that the end result was not one that I was going to be happy with.

In the bin it went.....and on went the kettle.
I hope your sewing endeavours today are a little bit more successful than mine.


Estelle said...

I have actually made something quite similar to this before (many many moons ago). I solved the zipper problem by creating a second pencil case out of pretty floral fabric to use as a lining and attaching the zip to that then hand stitching it inside the denim one. I would just cover the puckered denim with a bit of appliqué. The whole thing took me about 2 hours.

Do you think Beth could have a go at making it herself?

willywagtail said...

Hehe. I have to agree with uyou that denim is a killer. The idea was great but... Hope you enjoyed that cuppa and good on you for knowing when enough is enough. Cherrie

Megsy-Jane said...

Oh, Jodie! I completely understand...
all my Pantsy Bags are made from jeans and lol I went through a fair bit of frustration, broken needles, sewing machines having protests at the thick seams before I got to the stage where I can whip them up really quickly now and with no hassle (well, the odd pair with really thick denim still throws me so I've learnt to be sneaky)Putting the kettle on is the best thing you can do..

Tiff said...

Some days it is better to quit while you are ahead! Good on you for opting for tea, that is the sane choice! I completely understand... I have never tried to do one of those pencil cases (although my daughter in year six would love one!) however, I break needles on a regular basis due to my ideas exceeding the realms of reality! X