Cheats Christmas bunting

A suggestion from a facebook discussion was to make Christmas bunting instead of using the traditional trimmings. So here is a quick tutorial on how to make the most simpliest of buntings. This could easily be sewn as bunting is normally with the seams not shown but as we all become time starved on the march towards Christmas here's a cheats way of still achieving a great result. 
  • Cut yourself a good amount of flags in some seasonal fabric.  They can be whatever size you like.  Mine are 18cm wide x 20cm high. 
  • You will need a good length of either twill tape or bias.  I used a light weight 1 inch wide twill, pressed in half.  This makes it so easy to side in the flags and sew together.
  • Sew flags together with either a straight stitch or zig zag with a 5/8 inch margin. Use pinking shears to cut & neaten edges.
  • Slide in flags leaving an even space between each one.  Leave enough twill at start and finish to tie up your bunting. Pin & sew - again with either a straight stitch or zig zag
  • Hang your bunting!


Bree said...

nice one, that's exactly how I was thinking of doing it!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Great fabric!
This method also works great for heavier fabrics like denim and cord.

cate said...

great idea! does that mean I need to shop for seasonal fabric as well?! I think hubby wants to hide my credit card ~lol~