Using tracing carbon paper

I'm having a play with some tracing carbon paper I found.  This is an old pack that had been opened at some stage and is missing a sheet.  The packs usually come with a variety of coloured papers to best suit the fabric colour you are sewing with.  For the purpose of this post I am using the red sheet with a scrap piece of white lining fabric so I could show you the result. Normally you would use a colour that best matches the fabric colour.

So basically, you cut your fabric pieces and with the pattern still attached, trace over the darts, button holes, hem and shortening/lengthening lines with a tracing wheel. 

This result was really subtle, I think maybe because the paper was old.  Make sure the carbon print is on the wrong side of the fabric as some do not come out (you may need to wash the fabric)

It may also be good for tracing over shapes and designs for appliques, motifs or even embroidery outlines. But remember any writing will be back to front! 

Tracing carbon paper is still available online.  Clover and Burda both have products available


Beach Vintage said...

I just love tracing paper. It reminds me of my childhood crafting days.

Mommyof2girlz said...

I love Carbon paper, it's all I use for my patterns.