Some fav's from Craft Expo Melbourne

Yesterday I took a trip to the big city for Craft Expo.  To be honest, most of it was 'same old' but there were some definite standouts that made the trip worthwhile.

The highlight for me was the Annah Stretton collection of Stitch n Bitch kits.  This concept is fantastic with the kit coming with everything you need to make one of her skirts or dresses.  As the skirts and dresses are fully reversible with a range of different panels - tying, twisting & tucking will see you get a different look each time.  The kits aren't cheap ($250 NZD) but the fabrics were lovely with the colour schemes put together well.  It was a fun stall with vibrant staff to match the garments.

Another one that I loved was AK Traditions.  The dolls pictured above come in a range of kits.  Some are knitted dolls, some are made of felt with knitted clothes, some were all felt. AK Traditions sells the patterns, the wool and will put a kit together for the style you want. 
You can also just purchase the lovely glossy covered patterns books.

Other great stalls were Pear Tree yarns, Can Do Books & Dairing.


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Those dolls and dresses are amazing!
Thanks for filling us in on the good stuff!

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love those dolls very much. Did you buy anything?

Jodie said...

No Sarah, I didn't, I was very well behaved - well apart from a coffee!! I did line up to purchase some more chalk board fabric but the stallholder then decided to do a demo and I didn't want to wait!

ozgrkdn said...

I just love the dolls,I'll try to make clothes..maybe dolls?!

nicole said...

those skirts!
that skirt? it's all the same?

Tina said...

Wow, those Annah Stretton dresses are gorgeous!! Hmm may have to go onto my 'when I win Lotto' list :) Thanks for sharing ~ Tina x

minik said...

Örgü bebekler süperrrr