Easy, no pattern, girls skirt

We're off to Brisbane in a couple of weeks to stay with my parents for a few days, so we are really hoping our legs will finally see some sun after this very long Melbourne winter.

 Miss 12 loves this little skirt she bought from a chainstore.  They're super easy, cost next to nothing & you don't even need a pattern.  
These dimensions are to fit a size 12-14 girl. But they can be so easily adjusted to fit any size.

You will need:
2 x 75cm wide x 39cm high pieces of fabric.
1 x wide elastic to fit waist (68cm)

Fold each piece of fabric in half and taper the shape from the waist slightly as pictured.

You don't need an overlocker to make this skirt but I used mine to edge the waist & join the side seams.

I did the hem before gathering and adding the waist band.  Fold a 1/4" hem , then fold over again and press.  Straight stitch around hem line.

Run a basting stitch along the top and lightly gather (but not to much or the stitching will break when stretched), this makes it a little easier when adding the elastic waist.

Sew your elastic band together without the fabric.  Keep it neat as this seam will be seen at the back of skirt.
Place a pin in the opposite half to the elastic seam so you can keep the skirt proportioned. Stretch elastic as you join the fabric skirt.  Use a straight stitch.

Sew a second row.

A great little skirt to pop on over bathers or just hanging around. Add a cute little singlet & pair of flats and your done. If you have any questions, feel free to send through an email.


Linda said...

Great tutorial, thanks

kazzychook said...

Thanks for the great tutorial I was planning on making a skirt for miss 2 and I think this pattern or 'no pattern' would be great!! :)

Lisa S. (novice sewer) said...

Awesome!! Can you give me some pointers as how to make it for a 4 year old?? Many thanks.

Leanne said...

Thank you so much for the skirt tutorial! I made a skirt last night and had no problems following your instructions and my daughter just adores the skirt and is happily wearing it to a birthday party today.

Jodie said...

Lisa S - I would start by measuring from the waist to the hemline (where ever you wish that to be). Add an extra 3 - 4cm or so for hem & seam around waist. For the width - if you already have a skirt to copy the width that's the easiest if not 50 - 55cm wide x 2 would give plenty of gather. Measure elastic around child's waist - add a little for the overlap and it should be stretched or firm when measuring.
Good Luck - hope this helps

Jodie said...

That's fantastic Leanne! Thank you for your feedback - great to know my instructions where clear enough. Sometimes it's difficult putting something you already know into written words.

Claire Gresty said...

Such a cute skirt! I'm just wondering what fabric you are using in the demo? thanks!

Jodie said...

Hi Claire,
The fabric I used for this skirt was "Dolce by Tanya Whelan - Grand Revival for Freespirit - Ella"