Embroidery basics

A gorgeous selection of embroidery patterns & supplies should be here very soon from Sublime Stitching (including this adorable design above from Emily Martin of The Black Apple) and will be stocked in The Haby Goddess online store. I'll let you know the minute they arrive!

So to get us all ready I thought I would run through the basics for starting an embroidery project.

The basic necessities include:
  1. An embroidery hoop
  2. Embroidery floss - the floss usually comes as a 6 strand thread which is split and you usually work with 2 strands.  There are a number of different thread types on the market including metallic & even glow in the dark.
  3. A pair of small, sharp scissors.
  4. Embroidery fabric.  There are many different types you can use.  A good beginners fabric is Aida cloth available in various counts.  The only drawback with this fabric is you can see the background gaps.  Pure linen is a beautiful choice (like the fabric pictured) but be sure not to use a fabric that is too tightly woven.
  5. Don't be put off using a stretchy fabric - many articles will tell you to stay away from them.  Just use a T-Shirt stablisiers that can be ironed on and then worn away when you have finished.
  6. Select a design.  You have 2 main options.  A pre-made transfer that you iron on and your ready to go or design your own. If you are wanting to design your own, you can do so with either a piece of carbon transfer paper, a transfer pen or pencil directly on your fabric.  These methods are all relatively easy to do.  
  7. To get started you will need to know a few basic stitches but there are some great beginner style embroidery tutorials that have been shared by some other wonderful crafters!


oregonpatchworks said...

Well.........The basic tips of embroidery designs are really very helpful and informative...Thanks For Sharing with us....Every point you share with us is really appreciated....

dolldoll said...

embroidery! what a great idea...thank u for the tips :)