A fabulous find

I often moan about being a terrible thrift shopper. 9 times out of 10 I'll come home empty handed from a visit to the local op shops. It seems everyone is looking for the same thing as me and they always beat me to it! Finding vintage fabrics, haberdashery, patterns & vintage mags always allude me.
But now I've found Suz's Space and she has found a solution for my lack of op shopping ability. This great online store sells second hand & part work magazines, she has a huge selection of subjects but it's the craft section that makes me drool.
Currently listing part works of the 1975 Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Crafts, Suzie has 3 different editions of this series with only selected issues of the 98 parts left - so be quick! The Show me how part series is also available and she is currently listing Stitch by Stitch which I can remember my mum collecting week by week all those years ago. At only $3.00 per issue , that's cheaper the local Salvo's. Postage is really reasonable too.
So get your kitsch fix and learn the basic techniques most of us have forgotton. Button pictures, decorative knots, how to sew suede, mounting cloth on panels, crochet strips and insertions and the list goes on. Visit: Suz's Space and head to the part work magazine section.

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creative kate said...

Hi there Haby Goddess,
I just love this post on the old craft mags, especially that you have found the Suz's space online!! I am going to check this out!!
Yeah some days are lucky with op shopping and some days there isn't much to find!
Your blog is fantastic, and has inspired me this week!
Kate from Tas :)