'Croquis' is french for sketch

A croquis is taken from the french word sketch. In the fashion world, designers use croquis' in the initial stages of the design.

If you are a budding fashion designer or just love to create your own clothes, then you must get yourself one of these sketch pads.
The Hokey Croquis Fashionflat Sketchpad is a 40 page, spiral bound, pre-printed notebook. Each page has a standard front & back female croquis. The proportional lines of the croquis disappear after scanning so you are left only with your design. A side section is included for notes including fabrics, trims etc. This note pad plus preferred markers are available online at Hokey Croquis

Another fantastic tool is these free downloadable croquis forms from Designers Nexus Inc. There are pages of women, men & children poses for you to choose from.
Threads online has also created a family set of six croquis forms which are a little more proportionate. They include women forms in average, plus sized & petite.

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Beach Vintage said...

What a great idea. I would ahev loved this as a teenager.