Do you remember having one of these as a child?

I'm sure everyone can remember having one of these as a child. The Knitting Nancy (or French knitter) has changed form many times over the years but essentially their workings are all the same. From the tradional style to wooden spools with nails. This beautiful painted timber Knitting Nancy will make an adorable gift to the little person in your world and introduce them to the world of craft. They stand at approx 9.5cm & include instructions & a needle.
Now available in The Haby Goddess online store. Did you have a Knitting Nancy as a child?


Panda said...

Not only do I remember having one, I STILL HAVE IT! Original box and all. I loved it, and I'm so pleased they are still available. I remember making lots of scarves for my Barbie dolls on it.

melanie said...

that one is gorgeous! I had a cotton reel with nails in it :)

nicole said...

ha ha i totally had one!
i remember knitting the silly things so tightly that my fingers would get blisters trying to pick up my tight little threads!

Tuin 21 said...

Ah, yes..i remember this one. Had one as a child and made meters and meters of thread. I lost mine, but when my daughter bacame about 5 years old, i bought her one. I think it's fun time to spend !
Thanx for this lovely trip down memory-lane.


crazyhaberdasher said...

I am a collector of these ... - there are heaps of new ones being made - here in Oz and worldwide!
I also manage two spoolknitter groups worldwide on Yahoo and Flickr.
I might see you there?!