Friday Treasury: Knitting needles.

  1. Some used vintage Boye Knitting Needles from KatherineBraun on Etsy
  2. Now you can knit in dimly lite areas with these Knit Lite needles.
  3. R Parish Woodworks, hand-turned needle set using dyed,laminated hardwood. It has been resin-impregnated, then bonded and compressed to form a dense material. It's called royal indigo wood.
  4. Art Viva needles made from Tasmanian Oak by Art Viva and sold right here at The Haby Goddess!
  5. I love these Beagle Glass Knitting Needles by KimX
  6. I found these cute beaded knitting needles from while flicking through an old vogue magazine.
  7. Fun and unique, hand painted birch knitting needles by Soup to Knits
  8. Personalise your needles with your initials by Chelle
I couldn't resist also adding this beautifully crafted wooden knitting needle gauge man by Norwegian duo Måke & Kråke

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Beach Vintage said...

Love the Art Viva needles. So cute!