So, what is Corespun yarn?

While preparing my yarn treasury over the weekend I came across the most divine corespun yarn from KnoxFarmFiber. Eager to learn about the process of corespun and how this yarn is put together, I contacted Judith from KnoxFarmFiber to find out more.....
Judith says, "Corespun is not your Grandmother's yarn! I start with a "core" cotton string, attach it to my wheel's flyer and then begin wrapping various fibers around the string. I use our own dyed wool locks and roving as well as mohair locks. Llama, alpaca, are all eligible. I cut up ribbons and spin them around the core. Really fancy corespun gets glitter spun with the roving and sometimes a few beads. Like any yarn, I try to keep a basic colorway in mind while I'm spinning. These corespun yarns can be used for fringe, as a necklace or bracelet, indeed any embellishment, or combined with your stash for a show-stopping hat or bag.Not an original from me, I learned corespinning at a pluckyfluff workshop by the incomparable spinner Lexi Boeger."
Judith from KnoxFarmFiber has also made an exclusive offer to Haby Goddess readers - shipping will be free for the month of march if you mention this post.
Thanks Judith!!!

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elizabeth said...

I bought some corespun yarn from Judith for my bf this past Christmas. She LOVED it. Then I had to buy some wool from her because I fell in love with the colorway. It's got these emerald greens mixed with flashes of sapphire blues. I love it!
I'm so glad you highlighted her as he is truly talented!