My Melbourne Craft Expo Wrap Up

For me, getting to the expo means a window of only a few hours. When I take into account travelling time, school drop offs and pick ups, I only actually had 3 hours. It was plenty for me as I attended a workshop, checked out all the stalls and watched a few demonstrations.

This little bag is the result of the Creative sewing with Pfaff workshop. It was my very 1st attempt ever at Stippling. It was completely nerve racking (but fun). My result isn't very good - only room to improve I say! It's the only workshop I have ever attended where the demonstrator had to remind you to breathe!!

We used the fancy pants Pfaff Quilt Expession 4.0 (RRP approx $3000). It does have a million and one functions, whether or not you would use them is another thing. One function I did love was the walking foot is permanently attached - you just disengage it when not in use. The tying off function and the foot levers I found a little bit slow & tiresome.

As for the stalls, there was a good mixture of fabric, beading & scrapbooking. But they were all a little similar. For example, all fabric/quilting stalls carried huge amounts of accessories that you can really get anywhere.

I was wanting to be excited by something new, something we hadn't seen before. In the world of haberdashery there was nothing. But I did find myself stalking the Barnes stall. They have released a fantastic range of kits to make your own resin jewellery & accessories.

The other fav stall was Can Do Books. They had a great range of books covering all areas of craft. A couple worth mentioning include Fabricate by Susan Wasinger with really clear images of the modern projects. I just loved the laminated felt sleeve for a notebook or the like. The other one I wanted to buy was 49 1/2 Skirts by Alison Willoughby. It shows how to take one simple skirt pattern and then embellish with numerous materials and techniques.
Overall, it has fun. Anything to do with the crafting industry usually is. We are a happy bunch of people.
Have a great weekend!

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Stephanie @ Can Do Books said...

Thanks for the mention of our stand. It makes the effort of getting to a show and the set up worthwhile. You are quicker than me at blogging but I suppose I have an excuse as I have 5 shows to attend in 6 weeks! I am always inspired by the books we carry...just not enough time to do it all.