Bobby Pins

These bobby pins are 5cm in length with a 10mm pad. The perfect size to add your flat bottomed fabric covered buttons, yo-yo's, crocheted flowers or absolutely anything.
Available in packs of 25 bobby pins here in the online store.


Kylie B said...

hmm.....Now thats a good idea :) There on my shopping list!

I forgot to thank you I recived my order from you the other day! I can't wait to sit down and play!

Jo said...

i've never seen those.. looks interesting, just one question tho.. what kind of glue do u use to stick buttons/felts?

Jodie said...

Jo, you need to make sure that the glue you use is suitable for metal. An ordinary craft glue is not suitable. I use UHU All purpose which is suitable for metal, glass, ceramics etc.