Haby Gadget of the week!

The clover wonder knitter has rotating discs that turn, making knitting tubes fast and easy. I suppose it is an extension to the old fashion knitting dolls. I had a play with the gadget this afternoon and found it very easy to use.

As my example shows, I just knitted up some decorative wool (I wouldn't use thinner than 8 ply) and used it to applique on a plain black scarf that I am knitting. You can also make little knitted animals and also add beads. It has two different sized discs.

Children (upwards from about 7 years) could also use this. It is now available in online store


Laura said...

I bought one of these at the start of the year and had totally forgotten about it. Do you know how to make animals? is it just a matter of making a series of tubes and stuffing them and stiching together or is there another way? Excellent gadget!!!

Jodie said...

Hi laura,
I love this gadget too! For the animals I would do as you suggested. Use the larger disc and the thickest wool you have or even double up your yarn. I would love to see a shot of anything you get made.