First knitting project for the season finished!

I thought I might not get to wear this chevron cowl until next winter the way I was going!
But after sewing in what seemed like hundreds of ends, it's done and keeping me toasty warm.

I used Pattern 12 'Chevron Cowl' from the Cleckheaton Hats & Scarves Pattern Book.

It was labeled easy and was.  I would consider myself a beginner knitter and there were terms I had not done before but I was able to find some great YouTube videos to help - listed below.

PSSO - pass slip stitch over 

The pattern recommends Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply 50g balls using 6.5mm needles $4.50 per ball.
I used Heirlooom 8ply Alpaca in colours 964 - green , 988 cream & 954 bark - 2 balls of each, using 5mm needles. $8.50 per ball

I knitted 8 repeats of the pattern and it measured a bit over the required 120cm in length.  I was concerned that it wasn't going to be long enough and was almost going to knit another sequence but I'm glad I didn't as the yarn has stretched in it's first few wears and now sits exactly how I want it to.

The only pain was sewing in all the ends as the pattern recommends you break off yarn after completing each stripe.  This took forever!

I love it.  It's warm and was easy to knit. I like how the Chevron pattern actually matches up when doubled.


Annette said...

Jodie it looks lovely & warm just what we need this cold, Annette....Lilydale!!!

Maria said...

That's beautiful Jodie!