Glamorize your rubber gloves with a fabric cuff!

If the sisterhood is going to have their beautifully painted nails soaking in soapy water washing dishes this Christmas, then lets do it in a bit of style.  Make these fun rubber gloves for your mums, sisters, grandmas and girlfriends - they will love you for it! Plus the cost next to nothing to make.

You will need:
One pair of rubber gloves and fabric.
I have chosen to use Iron On Vinyl to laminate my own fabric but you could easily use oilcloth or fabric which is already laminated.  If you choose to add Iron On Vinyl to your own fabric I suggest that you also add a lightweight interfacing to give it a little more structure. 

Create a template.  You only need it to be a touch wider at the top of the fabric from where you started at the glove top edge (0.5cm each side).  The height of my template is 11cm.  Add a seam allowance of 1cm to one side only as it will be placed on the fold.  

Place on fold and cut 2.
Add Iron On Vinyl and interfacing as per their instructions if you are using normal fabric (this link is to an old post showing you how to use the vinyl)
If you are using oilcloth or pre-laminated fabric then you don't need to do anything once it's cut. 

Sew a small hem across the top of each cuff.

Sew your cuff together with a 1cm seam allowance.
Finger press the seam open and pin the bottom of cuff to your rubber glove.  Right sides together.

This is the tricky bit.
In most cases, the cuff and glove will not fit around the arm of your sewing machine so you need to wriggle it about and carefully sew your seam.  Watch you do not catch the other side of the glove while sewing.
Slow is the key here!

You will need to add a few stitches at the top to keep your seam allowance open.  Just sew over your top stitch.

All done!


Kirsty said...

I love this idea Jodie, it might just get a run in some work Christmas stockings!!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

genius idea. love the choice of fabric too :)

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE this idea.

You little ripper, Jodie!


Ange Moore said...

I think glamour gloves might get a run at our next school fair! Thanks for the inspiration! Think they'd be great with Christmas fabric too at this time of the year!!

pigsmightfly said...

Just what I have been looking for...thank you :o)