DIY: Kanzashi Christmas Decorations

Christmas Ornaments can become quite pricey when you need to fill a tree.  But with some simple clover gadgets and scrap pieces of Christmas-y fabric, your tree will look stunning.
In this tutorial I'm using the Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker in large.  
It will make finished ornaments approx 8cm in diameter.

You will receive detailed instructions in your product packaging and they are super simple to follow.
Sandwich your fabric in between the plastic template and trim the excess away.
You will need a very long piece of thread to then follow the numbers on the template.
Remove template and your threads should look like this.
Gather your threads and then repeat the process another 4 times until you have 5 petals.
I've self covered a 1 1/8" metal looped button to add to the ornaments centre.
Some tulle was neatly sewn onto the back for a hanging loop.

Other Clover Kanzashi designs are available in the online store too!

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Maria said...

I love this flower Jodie! I'm off to check out this flower maker now!