Sewing Tutorial: Finishing off your bias binding.

This sewing tutorial tackles two techniques in one.
 You need to understand how to join your bias binding strips so you can then finish them off neatly.

Joining your strips: Overlay your two strips.  Right sides should be together.  Sew a straight stitch seam in the direction shown.

Once sewn, they should open as above.

Trim back and press seam open.
Make your bias as required and sew it onto your project.

Leave a nice long tail at the beginning and end of your work.  You will need a gap of about 2 inches from where the two stitching rows finish.  Mine is a little close in this image and I needed to unpick it back a little.

Fold over your flap so they almost meet in the middle.  You should have a small gap.  If they butt up against one another, it's likely to be a bit big once sewn.

Take your eraser pen and mark two dots on the top edge of the bias folds.

This is where it can get a bit confusing and messy.
You need to join the strips in the exact manner as you did above.  
The two dots should match each other - right sides together.
Pin it in place and sew on the diagonal in the correct direction.

It should look like this when turned in.  If you find it's a little to big, just run another seam beside the other.  This is what I needed to do.
Once it is the correct size and fits nicely along your edge, trim back the tails and press back into it's bias binding folds. 

All though I had applied my bias using the two rows of stitching method, I will only finish off with one as I find that is much easier.

You can hardly see where the join is.

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Jan said...

That is a great tutorial. Even though I have been sewing for a few years i admit that my closing of my bindings needs fine tuning. So thanks.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Thank you for sharing this. What a great way to finish off your bias binding! I'll be using this method next time.

Caroline said...

Thank You, it's perfect.

Unknown said...

This is extremely helpful! Thank you for posting!!

Diane said...

I have been quilting a long time and this is the easiest and best tutorial I've seen on joining a binding. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to post this.

Unknown said...

Thank you! So useful <3 <3 <3