Can you crochet with Divine Twine?

Bree asked on the facebook page, whether or not you could crochet with Divine Twine.
So I thought I would have a go and yes you can!

I think my hook may have been a bit big. It was 4mm (US 6 or UK 8).  A smaller hook would of made the stitch a lot tighter.

I'm not very good with a crochet hook and still need to refer to YouTube video's but I'm still really happy with the result.

I used the Little Birdie Secrets flower tutorial which has a fantastic video attached.  The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to decrease the chain amount from 2 to 1 in Rnd 3. But you may not need to if you use a smaller needle.

A gorgeous range of Divine Twine is available in The Haby Goddess online store.


Unknown said...

Awesome! They look cute. I was thinking of little bowls or baskets.

Maria said...

Thanks to your post Jodie,I've learned about a yarn that I wasn't aware of :-)

Tiff said...

Love it! I am now so addicted to crochet, no time for anything else! X

Elisa Hunt said...

LOVE this idea!! this would make a cute little garland if you crochet a bunch in a line!

Raphaele said...

Thank you for trying this out. I love Divine Twine and I am just learning how to crochet. I can already imagine the sweetness of flower garland in blue, green and pink.