Upcycled Doily Scarf

This might possibly be the quickest and easiest scarf you'll ever make!

I used a thrifted double quilt cover and doily.  This project was ready to wear within a half hour.

Using the quilt covers side fold, cut a piece about 17cm wide the full length of the cover. 
Mine measured 1.9m in length.
  1. Cut your doilies ready to add and sew - no rules here, be as creativity as you like.
  2. Pin the cut doilies to the right side of the fabric, turn scarf so the wrong side is facing out and sew on your doilies.  Cut corners and trim back your seams
  3. I like an angled end so rule, mark & cut.
  4. Start at one end and sew the scarf seam to half way and then start at the other end and sew towards the middle leaving a nice big gap  to turn the sewn scarf in the right way.
Press and sew closed the gap.

And here is a 'selfie' with me wearing the scarf.

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