Add a zip pocket to your lining

I always place my phone and keys in the inner zip pocket.  It keeps them secure and easy to locate.
So when I'm sewing my own bags, if the pattern I'm using doesn't include a zip pocket, I just add one!

  • Cut a rectangle of fabric for the pocket.  It should be wider than the zip 
  • Fold in half and press
  • The top half of the pocket is towards to top of bag lining.
  • Centre your zip on the pockets wrong side of fabric and mark where both metal zip ends are.
  • Rule a straight line.  This is the line of the zip teeth and will get cut
  • Measure the zip width and rule a line .75 both side of the centre line.  You will end up with a line rectangle.

  • Measure your pocket so it is centred on your lining fabric. Right sides together. Pin
  • Sew a straight stitch around the outside of the rectangle - not down the centre
  • Cut down the centre of both lining and pocket fabric.  Careful to not cut through stitching 

  • Clip all corners on an angle
  • With the wrong side of lining fabric facing you, pull through both pocket pieces 
  • Press so that it's sitting flat
  • Position zip in the window opening, pin or hand baste.

  •  Sew a top edge around zip.  You will not need your zipper foot.
  • Sew around the three sides of pocket.


Kathi said...

This is the tutorial that I have been waiting for. Thank you for make it look so easy.

Judi said...

GREAT tutorial! I've just started making bags and this looks really straight forward.

One little tip that I picked up recently for cutting buttonholes and which would presumably work when cutting the hole is to put a pin through the end stitching to prevent cutting through it.


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

What a fabulous tutorial and a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

supernova said...

Great tutorial! Can you make it a PDF like the inverted pocket?

supernova said...

Love this thanks! Can you make it a PDF?

Ana Maria Clemente said...

Many thank for your tutorial. I´m going to use it now in my new summer bag.