Scrapbooking for kids ~ dirtgirl style!

I've been very privileged to see this dirtgirl scrapbooking journal, under the dirtgirlworld license, go from concept to a finished product.
Cath Connell from Leaf. Paper for Life has created  a beautiful journal of the highest quality, maintaining the Leaf philosophy of being printed in Australia with 100% recycled paper. 
It is due for launch on June 5, World Enviroment Day but pre-orders are now being taken.

My instant reaction to seeing the dirtgirl journal was a moment of nostalgia.  It took me back to my early school days of having a hard covered reader journal. I wanted to take it home there and then (but I couldn't it was the prototype!)
All fans of the dirtgirl brand will absolutely love it.  It inspires girls to record their grubby adventures either through photo's, diary entries or where ever their imagination takes them. Also encouraging children to head outdoors, it helps grow an awareness about the planet in which they live.

The scrapbook journal comes filled with 64 heavy weight dirtgirlworld blank pages, craft papers and full colour scraps to cut and paste.

A series of journal expansion packs to make the blank pages come to life will also be available (see special offer below!).

Pre-order online by 31st May and receive a FREE Grow Garden Journal Expansion pack valued at $17.95 (pictured above). Enter promo code LMMODGWP1 to validate this offer. 

All details for this gorgeous product can be found here.

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That sounds so cool! x