Make : Grow : Thrift

Today for Make : Grow : Thrift I dragged an old dusty jacket out of the drawer to shorten. 

The length of this jacket had passed it's used by date and was the reason I wouldn't wear it.  It had to come off!
I marked out the length I wanted it shortened to.  The pockets were an issue as they were quite low so I took the hem up as far as I could and sacrificed the pocket.  Now the pocket sac is minimal.
It was my plan to go above the back pleat so I wouldn't have to recreate it.

Once pinned and cut, I added my bias along the bottom edge and then pressed a full fold up so none of the bias is visible from the front.  I tucked the lining in behind the bias so the second row of stitching would secure it.

You will need to re-sew the jacket bottom corners and it is best to examine the pieces you have cut off and reconstruct how the top fabric, lining and interfacing was originally.
You will need to finish off with some top stitching to match the existing and hand stitching to finish off joining the lining to jacket.

Did you have something that was Made : Grown : Thrifted this week? 
Please share below, we would love to hear about it. 

Each Monday you can link to a post on your blog sharing with us something that is handmade, homegrown, homemade (such as a recipe) or recycled/thrifted.

This does not need to be craft or sewing based. This is all about making our lives a little greener week by week.

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CurlyPops said...

That's a brilliant idea Jodie! I have a couple of jackets in the wardrobe that are just at a really WRONG length. Hmmm you have me thinking twice about ditching them now.

Maria said...

Jodie I love what you've done with the coat. It's got a whole new lease of life :-) This week I'm posting a recipe that uses up tins of biscuits which I seem to have still left over from Christmas.

Calico Child said...

Hi Jodie I so love that jacket & shortening it was a great idea love the colours with the jeans & you look fab!! :)

Jodie said...

Good on you, looks great