Tutorial: Quilted Sunglasses Pouch

Having just invested more than ever before on a new pair of sunglasses, I've been careful to keep them into the case they came. Although it's a hard case and protects the glasses well, it's so big! 
Fine for when I'm using my large everyday bag but when I switch to something smaller the case is too big. 

Today I made a cute quilted case and here's to "how to".

  • Cut 1 fabric piece & 1 iron on wading piece to measure 46cm x 11cm.
  • Iron on your wading
  • Add your walking foot & quilting guide if you have them and sew your quilting lines on your fabric pieces.
  • It should look a little like this.

  • Fold right sides together in half.
  • Measure 3cm from the top edge on both sides and pin
  • Sew down both sides and stop at the pins.

  • Clip your corners and turn in the right way.
  • Pin and press your top edge over until it is a little way past the point you stopped at with the side seams.
  • Start on the right side of your fabric and carefully sew around the pouch about 1.5cm from the top edge.
  • This is the trickiest part of the sewing as it's small and awkward  - slowly is the key here!

  •  Cut 2 x 30cm long strings.  It can be bias folded and stitched, a thin cord or ribbon.
  • Feed one strip from the left side, leave a loop at the end and come back down the other side.
  • Feed the other strip starting on the right side, again leaving a loop at the end and coming back along the other side.

  • You can finish off however you wish.  I added a couple of beads but simply tying off is fine as well.


SewNana said...

I am interested in site name "The Haby Goddess". My great-greatgrandmother's family name was "Haby" and the family came from Alsace-Loraine region in France. Or is "Haby" short for "haberdashery"??

Unknown said...

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Thanks for the tutorials and the inspiration.
Marisa from

Haberdashery said...

The quilted sunglass pouch turns out really cute, I am planning to make one for our sunnies as well for our mobile phones which I think would be great.