Tutorial: Adding an elastic neckline.

Sometimes a wide neckline can be softened a little by adding an elastic gather. I think it gives it a more playful finish to the garment.  Great for casual tops.

But as always, it's very important to do it correctly. It's quick and easy so here's how to do it.

  • The casing for the elastic will be created by bias binding.
  • Leave a long tail for joining your pieces and pin to the right side of your fabric.
  • Sew around the entire neckline stopping one or two inches back to allow room for joining your bias.
  • I have set my bias in a small margin from the edge to allow for the overlocked edges I did.  This may not be necessary when you do it.
  • Once the bias ends are joined.  Finish sewing your bias 

  • Press over your bias to the inner side of your garment
  • Sew your second bias stitching row

  • Feed elastic through casing.
  • Tie off leaving a long tail.
  • I finished my garment completely, tried it on and then adjusted the elastic.
  • Join your elastic ends and close off your bias.


Anna Bartlett said...

Great tutorial Jodie (and gorgeous fabric top!). Will be looking for an opportunity to use this asap. BTW, I also got busted for taking selfies by MY 13 year old when I was setting up my phone paypal account. I hear you when it comes to your solo businesswoman situation!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

You've made my day Anna, so glad I'm not the only one lol! Mind you, her ipad contains hundreds of her own selfies! But apparently that's OK - mum's just can't do it.

Lynette Boxall said...

Thanks for the tutorial Jodie, you are so clever at making things easy to follow. I was in your last sew school and I have been a busy beaver putting my new skills to work. I will post you some photo's of the creations I have made. My 14 year old is now asking her friends if they want pyjama pants because 'Mum's on a pyjama blitz'. Thanks again, I really enjoy your emails and updates.

Simona said...

Never thought that by using bias tape my elastic castings would be so much easier to put into a project. Thanks for the idea

Robintail said...

This is a great tutorial Jodie! The top is so pretty - did you make it?