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Each Monday you can link to a post on your blog sharing with us something that is handmade, homegrown, homemade (such as a recipe) or recycled/thrifted.

This does not need to be craft or sewing based. This is all about making our lives a little greener week by week.

This week I've started planning my next quilting project - told you I've been bitten by the bug!
Last time I made it up as I went along.  This time I need to do a little more planning.

Miss 9 is in desperate need of a new bed skirt.  The one she has is ill-fitting - it's meant for a king single - and it doesn't reach the floor.

So I've taken my measurements of the bed base and have created a template for the quilting pieces.
It will be similar to Miss 13's bed quilt in design where I plan on quilting the pieces as I go.

The problem I have is fabric choice.  I have oodles of cute girly fabric scraps which I would love to use up but I know she will want something a little more older looking very soon. Like all quilting projects, it will be costly and time consuming so I need to spend time getting the fabric combo right.

What have you been up to?
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Maria said...

You have some beautiful fabrics there Jodie :-)