Make : Grow : Thrift

Each Monday you can link to a post on your blog sharing with us something that is handmade, homegrown, homemade (such as a recipe) or recycled/thrifted.

This does not need to be craft or sewing based. This is all about making our lives a little greener week by week.

Over the last few weeks I've been working on this rug since becoming a little obsessed with Jodie Carleton's Rag Rug-a-long, which I discovered thanks to Bree.

I cheated a little and used some left over balls I had of Zpagetti (same kinda thing except all the hard work of tearing it up has been done).  I didn't have quite enough of the final colour to finish the last row but I plan on poking this bit under the couch or coffee table so you won't see it.

It's crocheted using an extra large hook.  I didn't have a pattern but used the only two stitches I know how to do. Chain & I think it may have been a double crochet??

What have you Made, Grown or Thrifted this week.
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Bree said...

love it! looks awesome. I have an extra large hook and would like to try a crochet one one day!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Your rug looks great! Yep, definitely hide the little unfinished bit under the couch - no-one will be the wiser. I've been watching the rug making happening over on Jodie's blog too - very inspiring.

debby emadian said...

Thanks for hosting this Jodie. I found you over on homespun bliss...a great way to share practical green ideas and encourage each other.

Sorry I forgot to link over to your blog in my post but did in the comments section and am paying forward a versatile blogger award to you too. It's taking me a little while to get around to it but should get it done this week.

Have a cool creative week.

Maria said...

That's a lovely rug Jodie!!

Jodie said...

how did I miss this. Its fantastic.