Last minute Advent Calendar ideas for 2011

You may only have 2 days to go until those advent calendar need to be hung, but it's not to late to get one started.

  1. This would be my favorite, although you are not likely to get this crocheted advent done in 2 days! It's by Germany blogger Conny's Cottage.
  2. This idea of paper bags & balsa wood from burlap + blue gets 10/10 for simplicity.
  3. Wants and Wishes printable Advent present boxes.
  4. Cone Advent tutorial on the Callaloo Soup Blog
  5. Canadian Living gives you the template for this paper stocking Advent
  6. A fabric Advent tutorial by Skip to my Lou
  7. Love the idea of mix 'n' matching cotton fabric bags. This Advent calendar is by Designer Leg .DK 
  8. An awesome idea from Oopsey Daisy for a Christmas book Advent

Need more? Head to Modern Parents Messy Kids for another 20 Advent Calendar ideas.


Sarah said...

With #1 - even though you wouldn't have time to crochet all of those pockets, you could use thrifted sweaters/jumpers or even just squares of material...

Love your list :)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, and so inspiring! I think I'll have to wait till next year though. This year I'll stick with recycling the old paper calendars with the picture windows.

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Sarah that is a fantastic idea! Never thought of that.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the advent book idea! We love to read at our house.