Went for a coffee & ended up in a Vlog!

While I was out and about yesterday I called in for a quick catch up & coffee with my good friend & creative buddy Cinti from My Poppet.  While I was there, Cinti suggested I join her for her popular weekly Vlog discussing creative collaborating, building relationships and its benefits.  As you will see from this Vlog, Cinti & I go way back and enjoy working together. Our two different styles complimenting each other - Cinti is a wonderful writer adding personality & flow to her stories, where I'm much more structured.

If you would like to see this very informal, relaxed and non-scripted discussion, head over the Cinti's awesome blog to view.

It's 9 minutes long - Cinti has an adorable 2 1/2 year old Emma who also wanted in on the action which is one of the realities of being mums and running a business. Stayed tuned to the My Poppet blog as I know Cinti has a lot more to say on this topic in weeks to come.

So there are a few stops & starts but Cinti has summarised below her post the points we were trying to get across.

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