Want The Haby Goddess in an app format for your iphone?

The Haby Goddess is now on Bloapp - an awesome (yes and I mean awesome) app for your iphone which is downloadable via iTunes. This little task had been on my to-do list for a little while now after reading all about it on the Curly Pops blog.

Got a few minutes to spare while your waiting in the car for the kids at school pick up?
Sitting at the kids tennis, swimming, soccer or footy practice pretending you're watching?
You can now search for your favourite blogs and have them handy in all the one place to keep update with all the latest in an easy to read format.

This is our QR code for Bloapp.  Once you download the app from here you can either scan the QR code above or search for The Haby Goddess.

Some other crafty bloggers to search for :

Curly Pops, Meet Me at Mikes, The Crafty Mummy, Craftapalooza, The Craft Revival
Do you know of anymore? List them in the comments below.


trudi@maudeandme said...

Whats an iphone?
Just joking - but I am way behind on the mobile front, more to do with our poor reception.

Megsy-Jane said...

Well, I have had a bit of fun and done it with the MJ blog!