A to Z in haberdashery : A is for Applique

Whether you make them yourself or buy ready made ones, appliques will quickly turn plain into awesome! I'll show you there's more to adding appliques to a onesie or tee.

Use these beautiful products for inspiration.
Love this appliqued dress from Teeny Bunny
Classic by Nature have used applique on this linen cushion cover.
A colourful leather cuff designed by Waterstone Jewelry
A Little Less Mundane has used this technique to create a gorgeous teatowel.

Purchasing ready made appliques to add to your projects.

There are oodles of designs available, and they are not always made from fabric.  Here's just a few of the different styles available.
Crocheted flowers available from Fine Threads
The perfect example of layered appliques from Violet
Alphabet & numbers are always a popular choice, these ones are from A Market Collection
Paperdoll Appliques from The Haby Goddess online store

Using the right products. 

Like any form of craft, taking the time to prepare your applique will give it a professional look finish.
1. Heat N Bond No Sew comes in two different thicknesses. One you can sew if you wish and one you don't.  This paper backed product will bond your applique to any fabric surface.
2. Pellon Stitch-N-Tear is used under neath the applique as a stabilizer (sewn in and not iron on).  The beauty of this product is it can be torn away when done.
3. Steam-A-Seam is perfect for layering appliques as it is a little tacky meaning it will temporarily hold in a position until you are ready to bond permanently.
4. Even basic iron-on interfacing can do the job as well.

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i love the towels from alittlelessmundane. so cool to see her mentioned.