Makeover: Vintage Food Umbrella

A memory that I have from the many Christmas parties & BBQ's hosted by my Nana was the food umbrella that sat in the middle of the table.  This cover is now mine but it's seen better days.  Today's challenge was to give the umbrella a new cover.

After pulling apart the original cover, I found it to be only two pieces so I pressed the cover and placed it on the new fabric (a soft hailspot tulle) and cut around the shape and made some additional strips for the frill.
I used a rolled edge on my overlocking for the seams and edges to both sides of the frill.
Fold the frill in half and slightly gather.
Using a straight stitch, I added the frill to the cover body.
Hand sewed the stoppers back on and covered the frame.

The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the two sides were not quite long enough so I must not have straightened out the original fabric enough before cutting. But the frill does hide some of the gap.


clare's craftroom said...

That would have been very tricky to do , you've done a fantastic job !

Tiff said...

That is why YOU are the GODDESS!!!! You are so clever! I use these all the time in Summer and hate it when they start to fall apart... I know what to do bext time now! Ha! X